[twsocket] Knowing FileSize in httpCli

Raptor G g_ates@hotmail.com
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:12:05 EEST

You can use the "SIZE" command. It is very easy to use:

"SIZE filename"



From: "Lior T." <lioric@actcom.co.il>
Reply-To: twsocket@elists.org
To: <twsocket@elists.org>
Subject: [twsocket] Knowing FileSize in httpCli
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 08:22:01 -0700

hi, i want to download a file from the Web, lets say a huge HTML or other 
big files,
i want to show my users a progress bar but i cant figure out if theres an 
to know the Total FileSize Before or during the file download.

this is very important for me to know, please reply.

many thanks, Lior.

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