[twsocket] Re: Application freezing when getting data

Wilfried Mestdagh wilfried_sonal@compuserve.com
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 13:14:40 +0200

Hi Rik,

> I was curious as to why you think my method of sending the stream is bad.
> It has all worked absolutely fine for me from the day I wrote it.

Sorry, I did not mean it is bad. It is just that if you send the stream at
once, TWSocket will buffer it all, and if it is a stream of several
megabytes then it will allocate that memory. So depending on the size of the
stream and how many streams are sended the same time it can be a lot memory

> something I'm getting lucky and avoiding that I should be aware of, or is
> it supposed to send faster in 4K blocks?

I don't know if it's faster than sending all at once, but I did had long
time ago some experiments sending blocks of different size and it takes out
that 4K was best performance as sending buffer.

rgds, Wilfried