[twsocket] EXCUSE ME

Thu, 29 Jun 2000 13:31:45 +0300

But it DOES go through proxies. There is even an FAQ that talks
about proxies eg. PassiveMode, logging in etc

I don't know how many times proxies have come up in this
discussion list. Try Davie's TurboView and you will see if its
FTP facilities work on your client's proxy. That was written with
ICS and if it doesn't work I am sure Davie will be very interested
or surprised.

I hope it helps you to make more progress.

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> Subject: [twsocket] EXCUSE ME
> Excuse me but that wasnt i want to said ( i dont tolk a lot 
> english ), i am
> french.
> I want to said that is a good think to have the option to go 
> throught Proxy.
> I am coding the version of ICS to do this and when i have 
> finish we should
> put our code together but Mr Piette should code to ICS ( if he want )
> it is his product, his baby. he have his code fashion, he 
> known all the
> componant
> and to have the best ICS code i think he should code as he do his new
> version.
> Mr Piette i want your pardon, Excuse me another time.
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