[twsocket] Application freezing when getting data

Davie smatters@smatters.com
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 14:18:48 -0500

I am not sure that the guy wants to use FTP. I sounds like he is writting an app
with TWsockets and wants full control over the UI and the flow of data. WHich
FTP is not really designed to do.FTP does what's it's designed to do pretty
well, not great, but pretty good. And for things it's NOT designed to do, it CAN
be a real chore to program around. He needs to decide the best method of data
transport and then stick with it.

Although I AM A BIT SURPRISED that he encodeded the stuff into UUE. It made me
smile when he said that, because it actually makes the files about 50% BIGGER.
UUE BINHEX MIME and all the rest DO NOT make the files smaller. They make them
bigger. They encode, NOT COMPRESS. So, now you say, geeez, why do that? Well the
reason is they were developed for EMAIL systems that could ONLY send and recieve
standard text characters. So, if you wanted to send a binary file, you were
screwed. So the UUE/MIME etc... were made so that these binaries could be
converted to a bunch of standard text stuff and then on the recipent end, they
could DE-code the stuff back to the original binary file. THUS, EMAIL could
send/recieve binary files!!!

But, if you have full control over the transmission of the data, NEVER use those
because it just makes for more data to send, of course if you want to ZIP it up
first, then you could do that I guess.


Raptor G wrote:

> Hi,
> As far as i could understand, all you need to do is to first write the data
> to a file on the disc and then use the FTP server(the receiver computer) and
> clients (the picture uploader). Together they can satisfy a 10mbit LAN. If
> you decide to implement this and face problems please let me know. If you
> want I can give you the address of my program which demonstrates it all and
> I can also send you the code section you want. Once you get the logic you
> can transform it to Delphi. In my opinion, C++ and Object pascal are very
> similar. For small code snippets I can do the translation too. But I am not
> an expert in Delphi.
> BTW, in Borcon in San Diego, I heard that there is going to be a ICS
> meeting. Will Francois be there? And will there be any announcements? (like
> kylix support:))
> Regards,
> RaptorG
> From: "Christoph Purrucker" <gugi@bigfoot.de>
> Reply-To: twsocket@elists.org
> To: <twsocket@elists.org>
> Subject: [twsocket] Application freezing when getting data
> Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 17:45:25 +0200
> Hello everyone,
> I've got a client an a server application both
> using TWSocket. On the server I can paint on a
> TImage and save it to a TStringStream and push
> it through an UUEncoder. Every line is now sent
> to the client. There every line is decoded back
> into a stream and then load back into a TImage.
> If I transfer the image in black/white ~40 KBytes
> it is slow but it works...
> but on high-color and a resolution of 1024x768 it
> is ~2 MBytes and the Application freezes.
> If I insert a Sleep(100) before sending it works
> but then it takes more than 5 minutes on a 10 MBit
> ethernet.
> My questions about that:
> 1.  Is there any possibility to make it faster
>      (transfering it binary - but how?)
> 2.  How do it the big *professional* applications
>      (like VNC; there are the souces available but
>      I can't programm in c++)
> 3.  When a big server is sending for example HTML
>      files a small browser client does not freeze
>      - but why my client?
>      (has TCP/IP not an overload protection?)
> Thanks for any hints!
> cu cp
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