[twsocket] subsequent sendstr not sending?

Allen A. Maxwell aamax@xmission.com
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 13:00:10 -0600

thanks I'll check out socketspy for sure :)


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Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2000 10:55 AM
Subject: RE: [twsocket] subsequent sendstr not sending?

> Hi Max,
> > man am I dense sometimes... all my code was fine... I forgot to
> > the last sent communication from the client to the server with the
> > delimiter!  doh!  Sorry to waste anyone else's time... I hate
> Well my first mistake 3 years ago with TWSocket (I remember it clear) was
> was trying to receive something form WSocket1 in the OnDataAvailable event
> of WSocket2. It taked me hours of time to find it... Advantage is with
> bugs, you never do it again ;-)
> Hint: On the user made page you can download SocketSpy. You 'hang' it
> between your server and client while developping, and you can see in a log
> window (ascii or hex) witch one is sending what.
> rgds, Wilfried
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