[twsocket] Application freezing when getting data

Davie smatters@smatters.com
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 13:55:51 -0500

Ok, first of all, you said the 40K file was slow???? How could that be
since you claim you are on a network that can handle 1MB per second.
Also the 2MB file should be able to send in 2 seconds based on what you
told me. So, JUST how long did it take the 40K and how long for the 2MB

Also, I would personally NEVER send a big hi-color or true-color bitmap
across a transmission that didn't require PERFECT rendition. IE: Like
graphics off a web page. In that case, I would send a JPG file instead.
So, you could compress the 2MB file down to a 200K jpg file and then
send it. I would use a quality factor of about 80%. Also, if the image
in the bitmap is NOT very photographic, then you might consider
converting it to a GIF file instead and then sending the GIF file.

JPG files are great for photographic type stuff with lots of color
gradations and GIF is great for small amounts of coloring and line art
and charts and B&W stuff.

Have fun!


Christoph Purrucker wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I've got a client an a server application both
> using TWSocket. On the server I can paint on a
> TImage and save it to a TStringStream and push
> it through an UUEncoder. Every line is now sent
> to the client. There every line is decoded back
> into a stream and then load back into a TImage.
> If I transfer the image in black/white ~40 KBytes
> it is slow but it works...
> but on high-color and a resolution of 1024x768 it
> is ~2 MBytes and the Application freezes.
> If I insert a Sleep(100) before sending it works
> but then it takes more than 5 minutes on a 10 MBit
> ethernet.
> My questions about that:
> 1.  Is there any possibility to make it faster
>     (transfering it binary - but how?)
> 2.  How do it the big *professional* applications
>     (like VNC; there are the souces available but
>     I can't programm in c++)
> 3.  When a big server is sending for example HTML
>     files a small browser client does not freeze
>     - but why my client?
>     (has TCP/IP not an overload protection?)
> Thanks for any hints!
> cu cp
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