[twsocket] subsequent sendstr not sending?

Wilfried Mestdagh wilfried_sonal@compuserve.com
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 18:35:25 +0200


I did not clear understenad you the first time. I tought you say there was
already initial communication (user, password or something), and that the
communication was gone after creating the form, sorry...

> I only accept the connection once.  After the server creates the form that
> has another socket component on it and calls  Form.CliSocket.HSocket :=
> SrvSocket.Accept; all the communication occurrs on the form that

Try this:

> I hope this is clearer.  Should I be using the TWSocketServer on the main
> server form instead of TWSocket?  I just followed the demo example which

Well I have many servers running created as you do now. TWSocketServer does
in fact the same thing (except creating a form). There's some advantage with
TWSocketServer using a ClientClass witch is in fact a derrived TWSocket.
However if you just start with TWSocket it is advantage you do it as this
because you have the CliSocket in object inspector.

rgds, Wilfried