[twsocket] TnScript does no change port during run time.

Davie smatters@smatters.com
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 08:34:12 -0500

I am using Delphi 4 and it just seems that the VERY BEST way to be sure of
things is to DISPLAY the output in writelns and the like. I depend on the IDE
debugger to display stuff correctly and 95% of the time it does, but when I get
to a point where I'm thinking, GEEEEEEZZZZZZ This HAS to be wrong, I then
sprinkle some writelns to be absolutely sure!!!

P.S. There are times where the IDE debugger shows wrong stuff

Raptor G wrote:

> Oh, I thought again and cocnluded that this is POSSIBLY a Borland bug. I
> remember such problems with BCB in the past. Muhammad check out Borland's
> site for known bugs.
> Regards,
> RaptorG
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> Subject: Re: [twsocket] TnScript does no change port during run time.
> Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 10:34:07 +0500
> Yes I tried to trace where the problem is, but I got very strange things,
> the port does changed to "23" but it still give me errors. Compiler does not
> change the port deep in "TnCnx" FPort while debugging mouse tip shows me
> "-1".
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> Subject: Re: [twsocket] TnScript does no change port during run time.
>  > Raptor, you are way off base, first of all, the compiler is NOT running
> at
> the
>  > point he is executing the program and so then what he needs to do is to
> set a
>  > break point <execution break point> at the line that does the PORT="23"
> and when