[twsocket] Can I get the limit for BCC from the email server?

Stephen Williams SWilliams@fm.optus.net.au
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 10:28:38 +1000

There is no method for finding out this limitation from the server itself,
so it seems to be down to common sense.  It could come down to a count of
recipients on one address line, length of the RCPT TO line, or total count
of all recipients.  It is hard to say which one will affect you most.  Try a
few options and see.

Steve 'Sly' Williams
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> I am using TSmtpCli.  I've wrapped several classes around it - one to
> use multiple sockets and another to do BCC.  Now I realize that I must
> enforce a limit on the BCC and use the multiple sockets 
> option if I have
> too many recipients.  I read in a previous message that the 
> limit is set
> by the server.  Can I query the server and get the limit?  Or 
> is there a
> standard limit that almost all email servers use and I could safely
> assume that was the limit.