[twsocket] subsequent sendstr not sending?

Allen A. Maxwell aamax@xmission.com
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:00:52 -0600

HI all,

I'm new to the list and new to the ICS controls.  Have written a client and
server and am able to establish a connection.  After doing so I have the
client log in (send password and user name to server) which works fine.  The
server sends back some information for the client to use in populating the
form - all of this is fine.

I used the demo to set things up and when the initial connection is made I
create a new form with a socket on it and the communication to do the above
stuff is done in this form...
(here's how I'm starting the connection form):

    Form := TfrmSRVClient.create(self);
    ClientList.Add(Form);  // maintains a list of clients connected

    Form.CliSocket.LineMode := TRUE;
    Form.CliSocket.LineEnd  := #13#10;

    { Now accept the new client connection }
    Form.CliSocket.HSocket := SrvSocket.Accept;

anyway, the probem comes now.. After the initial client form is populated
the client takes some action and needs to pass some more info to the server,
so the server can respond again.  I call sendstr on the client again but it
never seems to get anywhere.  I've tried putting showmessage() statements in
the events on the server (both the main form and the split off form) but
they never get called.  I'm sure this is due to something stupid on my part
but if you all could be gentle enough (and bonk me on the head with the
answer) I'd really appreciate it!  :)

Thanks in advance.



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