[twsocket] Napster written with ICS?

Stephen Williams SWilliams@fm.optus.net.au
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 16:36:59 +1000

They could be using raw sockets, or there are a number of other socket
components that could possibly handle this.  It is not surprising that
Napster is written with Delphi.  Quick way to check is to look at the
executable with a hex editor and search for the 'Borland' string.  To check
if it is made with ICS, search for one of the constant strings that Francois
puts in there as copyright messages.

Steve 'Sly' Williams
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> I have downloaded Napster and I did not reststart my computer 
> after the 
> installation as it suggested. Guess what? It gave an "Invalid 
> Cardinal" 
> error". As far as I know cardinal data type is only available under 
> Borland's BCB and Delphi. So I guess Napster is written in 
> either Delphi or 
> BCB. And now, here's the real question: if it's written in 
> Delphi/BCB what 
> does it use for the sockets layer? I suspect it's ICS since 
> it does multiple 
> transfers concurrently. Netmasters cannot handle this. (I tried:))