[twsocket] TFTPClient

Wilfried Mestdagh wilfried_sonal@compuserve.com
Sat, 24 Jun 2000 22:49:18 +0200


You probably forgot to close the connection if your timeout expires (or
forgot to wait until it is closed [requestdone]).

rgds, Wilfried

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> Hi!
> I'm having troubles when using the TFTPClient component in the ICS
> Suite.
> My application goes through this list of FTPs and checks if they are
> valid or not (if they are connectable). If a site is down or does not
> responds it automaticly disconnects and tries the next in the FTP list..
> I've chained my procs with the OnRequestDone function.
> However, when the app comes to a ftp that does not respond and timesout
> it doesn't work no more. It looks right (it displays a timeout error
> message and tries
> the next ftp in order) but all ftps after the one that failed gets the
> exact same error.
> I then tried to connect to the ftps after the one that failed with a
> normal ftp
> client and this worked fine.
> At some point the FTP component gives me Exception error
> "FTP Component not ready".... (after the the one that failed that is)
> What am I doing wrong?