[twsocket] TFTPClient

Blaster blaster@blaster.nu
Sat, 24 Jun 2000 22:23:58 +0200


I'm having troubles when using the TFTPClient component in the ICS
My application goes through this list of FTPs and checks if they are
valid or not (if they are connectable). If a site is down or does not
responds it automaticly disconnects and tries the next in the FTP list..

I've chained my procs with the OnRequestDone function.

However, when the app comes to a ftp that does not respond and timesout
it doesn't work no more. It looks right (it displays a timeout error
message and tries
the next ftp in order) but all ftps after the one that failed gets the
exact same error.
I then tried to connect to the ftps after the one that failed with a
normal ftp
client and this worked fine.

At some point the FTP component gives me Exception error
"FTP Component not ready".... (after the the one that failed that is)

What am I doing wrong?