[twsocket] Newbie/Win 3.1

Niall R Scott niall@gryphonsd.co.uk
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 23:13:27 +0100

> > 1) What do I need to use ICS under Win 3.1/Delphi 1 eg TCP/IP
> and winsock
> > and where do I get them?
> Nothing special needed. ICS code will compile fine with Delphi 1 and run
> fine under Windows 3.1 provided you have a fully winsock compliant TCP/IP
> protocol stack. You can get Microsoft winsock freely on their
> download area.
> > 2) The App will run on an 10Base2/coax network and I need
> speed. Should I
> be
> > using TBuffer as there is the potential of 10,000 records of approx
> 100-150
> > bytes in a result set? If so how do I use it?
> Generally not a good idea to return a 10.000 records result set...
> Performance depends on network load. If you are alone, it will be
> reasonably
> fast has it will be less than 2MB.
I do realise that this is not a good idea but unfortuneately the query that
governs this bit is generated by the user and you know that MUST cope with
the worse case. I think what I will do is return the number of results
before the data and disallow large result sets.

BTW The reason for the rewrite is that the query ran at 8-15 secs when I
wrote it, it now runs at 8 mins :-)

Niall R Scott
Gryphon Software Development