[twsocket] ICS and MidWare together.

Jimmy Tharpe Jimmy@aps-soft.com
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 10:28:41 -0400

Erasing all *.dcu files gave the same error. I made a new MidWare package,
added the files that were in the old MidWare package, compiled and got the
same error.

Shouldn't these work out-of-the-box? Perhaps there will be a fix soon?


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Erase all *.dcu and rebuild the packages. If that does not help just install
the components manually into a new package (the old way never give

rgds, Wilfried

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> I was playing with the MidWare tutorial, and when I went to compile my
> server object I got this error:
> [Error] ServerObjs.dpk[30]: Never-build package 'MWDEL50 requires
> always-build package 'IcsDel50'
> Since I had downloaded the 2 package at different times (about 3 weeks
> apart) I decided to make sure they were both up to date. So I went to
> Francois' web site and downloaded both packages. The ICS package compiled
> fine, but when I went to recompile MidWare I got this error:
> [Fatal Error] ICSDEL50.DPK[76]: Unit FingCli was compiled with a different
> version of Wsocket.TWSocket
> What do I do?
> -Jimmy

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