[twsocket] ICS Ras and Duration of use

Bob Herbst bherbst@ezo.net
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 13:15:00 -0400

I have Win98 and D4
The ICS Ras as delivered has a time display  from the variable Duration.
When a run is executed the time for use is displayed  as 12:00:00 AM and
after a 15 minute 3 second use  the time is displayed as 12:15:03 AM
I submit the following revision the procedure

procedure TRasDialerForm.GetDuration;
  Hour, Min, Sec, Msec: Word;
  Section, TimeStr: string;

  DecodeTime(Duration, Hour, Min, Sec, Msec);
  TimeSTr := IntToStr(Hour) + ':' + IntToStr(Min) + ':' + IntToStr(Sec);
  DurationLabel.Caption := 'TimeUsed: ' + TimeStr;


The revision makes the display of time used show
TimeUsed: 0:15:3

Comments appreciated.

Bob H