[twsocket] ICS v Borland

Thu, 22 Jun 2000 13:39:14 +0300

ICS has buckets of other functionality besides TWSocket.
All the ICS suite is based on TWSocket. Maybe you don't
want TWSocket per se but you definitely want FTP, Telnet,
POP3, SMTP, THTMLCli, .... plus the Proxy and ICQ components
that have been built by some of our users and are on the usermade
page. Not to mention Midware which is middleware for multitiered
database communications which DOES overcome some problems that
borland MIDAS and DCOM have.

As far as overcoming faults you'll have to talk to the experts
here or to Francois the author. 

However, TWSocket does have plenty of functions that the borland
sockets doesn't have.

 Peter I'm sorry I didn't reply to your personal mail asking
about ISP advice in Greece for your mum. (I had forgotten about it :|)
Unfortunately there are no free services here in Greece. Between
Hellas-On-Line, Forthnet and OTENet the only difference is in price.
The prices change from month to month and I still haven't decided
myself which one I will pick for myself. (use my company connection).
There are much cheaper ISP's but they put limitations on the connection
and they don't always have the support to give you good QOS.

Forthnet is http://www.forthnet.gr
OTENet is http://www.otenet.gr
Hellas On-Line is http://www.hol.gr

That's all I know for now. Good luck.

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> Hi,
> I understand why the ICS components are better than the FastNet
> components for
> various reasons.
> I have used the Borland DELPHI 5 Internet offerings ClientSocket and
> ServerSocket.
> and they seem to be OK , easy to use and are released with 
> source code.
> Is there any fundamental reason why I should use the TWSocket 
> instead ?
> (i.e. does it overcome some faults or bugs ??).
> Just a general question.
> cheers,
> Peter
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