[twsocket] FTP Server problem

Bjorn, Fastservice bjorn@fastservice.com
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:29:29 +0100

Hi guys,

   I am working on a application using the FTP Server component and am
having a strange problem:

   On a very fast LAN the STOR command does not work properly. Here is a
small description on what happens:

   1: In the TFtpServer.ClientStoreDataAvailable() event in FtpSrv we have
these lines:
          Len    := Data.Receive(Client.RcvBuf, Client.RcvSize);
          if Len <= 0 then
      "Len" always returns 0 and therefore the event always exits and never
creates and writes the file being uploaded.

   2: If I however step into the "Data.Receive" method using the debugger,
then the app seems to be receiving the content and "Len" receives the
received size in bytes.

  Does anyone know how I can prevent this ?

  -- Bjorn