[twsocket] Detect Internet connected or not?

Bob Herbst bherbst@ezo.net
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 20:25:53 -0400

My use of RAS as a 'by the second, timer of  connection time on the
internet'. My ISP maintains my time as I am permitted 16 total hours in a
month, but unless I keep my own time I have no way of knowing how much time
I have accumulated. Automatically this makes my accumulation of time on the
internet rather a simple matter.    It is my  DialUpSpy.

Bob H

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Date: Monday, June 19, 2000 7:22 PM
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>But the current RAS connection might not connect to the Internet.  RAS can
>be used to connect to any computer system that supports dial-up
>I can use RAS to connect to a friend's Win98 machine in the house next door
>if I want.  Or the user may have multiple ISP accounts and not wish to use
>your application through the currently active RAS connection, but would
>rather your application only try to connect when a specified RAS connection
>is active.  Or maybe the user wants your application to disconnect the
>current RAS session if it is not the RAS connection that the user wants
>application to use and then to activate the correct RAS connection.
>You have to think of all the possible situations in which RAS can be used
>and how the user can set up their PC.
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>> How about doing a window title search or Module name search
>> and the Win API
>> level and look for the Windows 98 RAS dialing program being
>> active?  As long as
>> I have the user tell whether or not they dial into the
>> network, to account for
>> permanent connections like LAN's, cable modems, etc. that
>> might work, yes?
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