[twsocket] Detect Internet connected or not?

Stephen Williams SWilliams@fm.optus.net.au
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 09:18:13 +1000

But the current RAS connection might not connect to the Internet.  RAS can
be used to connect to any computer system that supports dial-up connections.
I can use RAS to connect to a friend's Win98 machine in the house next door
if I want.  Or the user may have multiple ISP accounts and not wish to use
your application through the currently active RAS connection, but would
rather your application only try to connect when a specified RAS connection
is active.  Or maybe the user wants your application to disconnect the
current RAS session if it is not the RAS connection that the user wants your
application to use and then to activate the correct RAS connection.

You have to think of all the possible situations in which RAS can be used
and how the user can set up their PC.

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> How about doing a window title search or Module name search 
> and the Win API
> level and look for the Windows 98 RAS dialing program being 
> active?  As long as
> I have the user tell whether or not they dial into the 
> network, to account for
> permanent connections like LAN's, cable modems, etc. that 
> might work, yes?