[twsocket] Where is the manual?

Bill Parke econmodel@econmodel.com
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 09:46:04 -0400

            In response to [twsocket] TFtpClient mode change problem.

There is already a FIRST CLASS manual for the FTP and HTTP components.  If 
you fire up the FtpTst1 demo in Delphi and click on the TypeSet button, 
here is what you see:

     FtpClient1.Binary          := cbBinary.Checked;
     FtpClient1.DisplayFileFlag := cbDisplay.Checked;
     FtpClient1.OnDisplay       := Display;
     ExecuteCmd(FtpClient1.TypeSet, FtpClient1.TypeSetAsync);

You have to tell FtpClient1 what you have in mind and then send the info to 
the server.  Even if you do not understand what is going on, you can simply 
name your component FtpClient1 and then copy the events in the demo.  No 
manual could possible state how to do this any more clearly than the lines 

Anybody who intends to actually write an ftp-based program needs to run the 
original to understand what is going on.  Go to a DOS prompt and type 
"ftp".  (W'95 seems to have an ftp program lurking somewhere.)  Your 
response to the prompt should be "ftp.myserver.com" or whatever server you 
use.  You can then login in text mode.  Once you are in, type "help".  You 
should see a list of the commands that FtpClient sends.  If you try doing 
ftp this way, you will see that it is a very primitive, but effective 
text-mode system that was essentially mature a very long time ago.

If you run the original text-mode version and you run the demo, you will 
not need a manual.