[twsocket] Choosing safe port ...

Brandon Moro theviper007@usa.net
Sat, 17 Jun 2000 22:57:10 -0400

No.  I seriously doubt any program would want to listen on all ports...that
would be ridiculus.

The reason you can change the port is so the server can be located on a
different port.  You may have a server with 2 RA servers.  The servers would
be setup to listen on 2 different ports, which you would then put as part of
the link to connect to that particular RA server.

Even though default ports exist (ie 80 for HTTP, etc), you can still use any
port to do it (as long as the client knows the port the server is set to
listen on).  So you could have 2 webservers running on the same machine
without any problems as long as they are on different ports.


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Let's pretend that there are only 5 ports available on a computer
that I have 5 computer that want to chat with each other. My one
is one port 1 and my other 4 PCS are on ports 2 , 3, 4, 5
So since the only available ports on the PCs are NOT the same
the group, then does that mean they can't all talk to each other????

I would assujme the asnwer would be correct.

So, then HOW does RealPlayer and others allow you to change the port
number to connect to. Does that mean THEIR server listens on ALL


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