[twsocket] Choosing safe port ...

Rafal Platek creams@creamsoft.com.pl
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 09:38:58 +0200


Thank you for all answers regarding to my question about ports.
I will check all the URLs your proposed and consider your 
proposals, but ... The program I'm creating is for messaging 
between different machines (as the whole tcp/ip is for communication
between different computers :) so I need to have the same ports
on all machines that want to communicate with. I can also do 
a port scanner and assign a free port on a computer. I can also 
give a user possibility to change the port, but then my application
won't be able to communicate with other instance placed on 
other computer, because they can you different ports. I can also
make an UDP broadcaster and broadcast information about what 
port is using by a station, but this is, I think, not good enough
and too complicated for simple commu nication I'm creating. So,
I'm rather inclined to code one fixed port that can't be changed.
That's why I need an usually free port. I hope you understand, but
I can be wrong, so if you've got some advices for me, please share 
them with somebody less experienced :)

Best regards,