Duplicate messages (was RE: [twsocket] ICS & IP SPOOFING)

Stephen Williams SWilliams@fm.optus.net.au
Thu, 15 Jun 2000 11:03:20 +1000

> I received duplicate messages too frequently. I think 
> elists.org sucks. Does 
> anybody know a better alternative for Francois and all of us 
> to switch to?

The admins know about the problem and have not been able to figure it out as
yet.  An upgrade of the list server software later this season (summer in
northern hemisphere, winter in southern hemisphere) will hopefully alleviate
these problems.

Compliants, compliments, queries about the list should be sent to the admin
of elists.org, Ken Kyler (ken@kyler.com), instead of directly to the list.

The switch to elists from rtfm happened only recently and it is not feasible
to go jump ship to another list server so quickly.  A little bit of patience
is all that is required.  It is only a small number of messages that get
duplicated.  It does not impact on the effectiveness of the list.

Steve 'Sly' Williams
IT Development
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