[twsocket] Threaded FTP Client

Sandy Ganz sganz@bizrate.com
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 13:00:19 -0700

This is the general idea, except that this is an un-manned operation. All
the data is comming from a database, and retries (count and delay), etc are
parameters. So if it fails, it get left in the queue for a short while, then
a retry is done. The UI is just for monitoring and manual override of
transfers, failed transfers will be logged and email sent to the person who
needed to know.


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Consider that you multi download windows have what I call AUTO-RETRY mode,
example, if it cant log into a site, maybe wait 20 seconds and try again and
repeat up to 5 times before giving up or something similar to that.


Sandy Ganz wrote:

> Thanks for the info. The multi FTP client is necessary for what I'm doing
> we have  batch of downloads of very large files, if one is going slow (as
> often the case), the other will proceed to use the bandwidth of the
> T1 lines we have. So bandwidth is not the issue since we are FTP'ing from
> different site for each download and it is more of a keep the pipe full at
> all times issue. Also since these downloads are time sensitive (from when
> they must start, no download time) the multi-threaded approach (or Async)
> will be more important. So I guess if I were 'Smut-Netting' and hitting
> site not a huge benefit.
> Thanks for all to good tips, I will get at some coding and see how I make
> out!
> Sandy
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