[twsocket] NLST and FTPClient on client machnie - still problems!

Rafal Platek creams@creamsoft.com.pl
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 10:26:38 +0200


> So THEN I used my TurboView program THINKING that it would blow up 
> because of the
> situation you are having, so then I connected and much to my surprise 
> it worked!!!
> Davie
> P.S. The reason I always say, get my program and see if it works, is 
> because my
> programs' FTP was entirely written with the ICS stuff, so I can 
> surmise that if it
> works with MINE, then it can be made to work. Get it?

Yes, I'll download it and test this. You persuaded me :-) By the way, your
lecture in your previous email has impressed me. Thank you for your time.
I'll let you know the results of my further investigation.