[twsocket] connect to IDE without app running ?

Stephen Williams SWilliams@fm.optus.net.au
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 09:56:37 +1000

I believe it is a very smart approach that Borland took.  It allows true
visual design of forms because what you see in design mode is what you see
at run-time.  The component uses the same code at design-time as it does at
run-time.  If you have time-critical sections of code and if you coded it
right, then you would check for design mode once before the time-critical
section.  This is simply a matter of common sense when optimizing code.
Time-critical code is usually not required during design-time.

The check for design time is usually done in property write methods to avoid
symptoms such as the one Wilfried was experiencing.  It allows the property
value to be changed so it shows in the object inspector, but does not
trigger any other actions.  When the form is streamed in during creation at
run-time, the setting of the property allows the other actions to take place
and all is well.

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> Hmmm, if you had a TIME CRITICAL routine, then doesn';t all 
> those checks slow
> down the logic? It seems sort of like a NOT good way of 
> design that Bolrand
> took....hmmmmm
> Davie