[twsocket] Threaded FTP Client

Sandy Ganz sganz@bizrate.com
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 14:43:45 -0700

Thanks for all the comments!

This is the basic question, would it be better to forgo the learning curve
of getting it all working in spate threads, v.s. just creating an array of
FTPCli's that are just check to see who is done, and then start the next
command. When the FTP Client is in Async mode I would guess it has a thread
running somewhere, is it a big deal either way? The big problem with the
Threading model is that the GUI is harder to deal with, and I would probably
have to write more code to make it nice and clean.

Part of a previous question was... if you do run the FTPCli component in a
thread should it be in Sync mode or Async mode, as I could not make it work
in Async Mode since I don't know exactly how to get it going. Sync mode
worked OK. It may not matter anyways if it is in a thread...

Any simple examples of threaded use of a Client Component (FTPCli, etc)?



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Davie wrote:
> Davie
> P.S. So, basically, YES put them in seperate threads!

For the record: Seperate threads are not necessary here? An array
of some ftp clients in async mode would do the same if I am not
mistaken. And would have some advantages as well.


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