[twsocket] OnDataAvailable received twice

Juha Hartikainen juha.hartikainen@realwow.com
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 12:42:34 +0300

> Otherwise general rule in OnDataAvailable evnet:
> check if error = 0 if not exit
> check if received count > 0 if not exit

As a side note, I did some stress test with UDPClient/server
on Win2000K, and for my big surprise, W2000K IP-stack started
to give (under heavy load)random 1 byte packets. In Win9x
everything "worked" like it "should", e.g. IP-stack started to
give out random 0 byte packets.

If you are sure that there can't be 1 byte length packets,
I suggest you to ignore them as well.

If WSocket.rcvdcount < 2 then exit; { Or something like that }