[twsocket] OnDataAvailable received twice

Azrin Aris zigasoft@tm.net.my
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 11:51:05 +0800

Hi, I've posted this problem bafore and thanks to Stephen for
respondingand his suggestions. But still I'm having the problem. So back
to basic, I test the examples that came with ICS. To my supprise, the
example also having the same problem. I compiled and execute udpsend and
udplstn example and the ondataavilailable event is fired twice. To
confirm this, I make a variable int Count and set it to 0 before
listening and increase the counter each time the OnDataAvailable was

FYI, I'm using BCB4 on a Win98 box. I've test on several computers in
but still getting the same result. Any idea why is this happening?