[twsocket] (no subject)

Stephen Williams SWilliams@fm.optus.net.au
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 10:15:37 +1000

You want to make 2000 HTTP requests simultaneously?  I'm not surprised that
the application has a little spack attack.  It is much better to batch the
requests as you suggest.

The THttpCli component triggers an OnRequestDone event after each
asynchronous call completes.  From this event you can start another HTTP
request using the next username/password combination in your list of 2000

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> Im doing some programming in checking vulnerabilites in a website and
> guessing some weak passwords(sort of brute force -checking) 
> to help the
> webmaster improve the site securities. Im using the htppCli 
> component. My 
> problem is  this,  if i have 2000 login/password combination 
> and try all of 
> it at once by using the program will hang...If i try 80 sites 
> at once it 
> will work...is there a way to check if the sockets are free 
> so i can add 
> more HttpCli ? im thinking of buffers,
>        buffer < 80 then
>         free to make more HttpCli
>        else
>         wait for free buffers
>        end;
> Im not sure if what im thinking is correct!!! Pls. help me...
> Sorry for my bad english...