[twsocket] connect to IDE without app running ?

Wilfried Mestdagh wilfried_sonal@compuserve.com
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 23:16:17 +0200


I did something terrible and can not find it. I hope someone can advice to
track down the problem. I have project with component with TWSocketServer in
it. From moment I open the project in the IDE without running the
application I can connect with telnet.exe to port 10000 where no application
is listening on (nothing to see in netstat also). From that moment on delphi
IDE do exception error and dissapears.

If I run the program and let the server listen on port 10000 I get the
familiar 10048. If I let it listen on other port then the program works
normal. Note I still can connect to 10000 but then Delphi IDE will dissapear
with execptions and the running program witch is in debug sesson will
dessapear also.

Note that port 10000 is a port I used to test the component.

If I open other or create new project with same component this will not

It looks that when I open the project I already activate TWSocketServer but
how can this be tru ?

thanks in advance, Wilfried