[twsocket] Need Advice / Help on how to find the correct IP's

Ralf Buml Sledge-Hammer@t-online.de
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 19:43:25 +0200

Hi Wilfried!

Thanx for your answer! :)

It's ok... I knew the thing with the IP-Adresses already.
But as your last paragraph says some users don't know
which IP-Adresses are valid. (I was such a user some years
ago, wondering why my Network never worked on TCP/IP :)))

Is there no other way than checking these adresses?
This way is much too unsecure for my needs and will be the
last escape if any other way is possible...


>Normally (if lan ip properly configured), the lan ip address should be a
>private netwerk, and the internet ip address is a public one. Difference is
>a private network is normally not routed. Private are:
>class A (for very large networks):
> / 8
>class B (for large networks):
> / 12
>class C (small networks):
> / 16
>Note if someone does not untherstand: the /nn is the number of bits
>belonging to the network. eg: the class B machines: is from to
>However, I have seen many LAN's with public addresses also because many
>people (including the network administrators) does not know it.