[twsocket] (no subject)

lenin cruz snf77@hotmail.com
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 08:23:58 PDT

Hi All,

Im doing some programming in checking vulnerabilites in a website and
guessing some weak passwords(sort of brute force -checking) to help the
webmaster improve the site securities. Im using the htppCli component. My 
problem is  this,  if i have 2000 login/password combination and try all of 
it at once by using the program will hang...If i try 80 sites at once it 
will work...is there a way to check if the sockets are free so i can add 
more HttpCli ? im thinking of buffers,

       buffer < 80 then
        free to make more HttpCli
        wait for free buffers

Im not sure if what im thinking is correct!!! Pls. help me...
Sorry for my bad english...


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