[twsocket] Need Advice / Help on how to find the correct IP's

Wilfried Mestdagh wilfried_sonal@compuserve.com
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 10:25:48 +0200


Normally (if lan ip properly configured), the lan ip address should be a
private netwerk, and the internet ip address is a public one. Difference is
a private network is normally not routed. Private are:

class A (for very large networks): / 8

class B (for large networks): / 12

class C (small networks): / 16

Note if someone does not untherstand: the /nn is the number of bits
belonging to the network. eg: the class B machines: is from to

However, I have seen many LAN's with public addresses also because many
people (including the network administrators) does not know it.

rgds, Wilfried

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> Hi!
> Sorry if i'm posting this message a second time... I'm not sure
> if this got thru...
> (I wasn't subscribed to the Forum yesterday. If you already answered my
> question, please forward it to my e-mail adress.)
> I'm working on a little network game based on ICS.
> Now i've some troubles:
> I want to show the local IP's to the user. I've tried the
> LocalIPList Funktion and that works ok...
> But: How do i find out which of the 2 IP's is the Network-Card IP
> and which one is assigned
> to the Internet Connection?
> Does somebody here can help me? I've looked in the FAQ and found
> something about RASDial,
> in Delphi, but i use the Borland C++ Builder Version 1.
> Please help fast, as i need this for my school project...
> Thanx
> Sledge