[twsocket] Re: TWSocket digest, Vol 1 #81 - 1 msg

Marco van de Voort Marcov@stack.nl
Sun, 11 Jun 2000 21:34:36 +0200

I seem to have been wrong, and FPC supports the message stuf, 
and probably will too on Linux someday. (development of FPC is so 
fast nowadays)

I managed to get twsocket, twsockets, twsockbuf compiled without 
large problems:
- cleaning up "uses" statements, 
- defining tmessage and pinteger

I haven't tested yet, since I only guessed at the tmessage fields 
(from some older porting effort, since I'm at my parent's)

Some problems I can't directly think of an solution to get the units 
in VC32/ that don't use a type TForm to compile.
- (in most files)  (de)allocatehwnd(wndproc). What does this do? 
Set wndproc to be the tmessage handler?
- ftpcli: application record doesn't seem to exist. (one or two other 
units too)
- Ftpcli:  abort procedure/method is unknown. Is this just a decent 
- ftpsrvc defines FonDisplay and OnDisplay while the parent from 
twsocket already defines it. 
- (known FPC bug) passing array of char or pchar to a method with 
ansistring as parameter doesn't work yet.

Allocatehwnd could have the additional problem setting a method 
(instead of a procedure) as callback.

I'll notify the rest of the FPC team of the problems, and probably 
the bugs will be fixed in the next weeks. Meanwhile, if somebody 
recognizes the problems, knows a workaround, or what they 
should do/how to implement, feel free to comment :-)

I think with some work, the parts of ICS that don't use TForm can 
be get to run under FPC/win32 within weeks.

P.s. One could probably remove 3-4 units from the average Uses 
line of a random unit in VC32 directory without breaking the