[twsocket] NLST and FTPClient on client machnie

Davie smatters@smatters.com
Sat, 10 Jun 2000 10:22:57 -0500

Why are you "sorry" to say that "resuming" works? That's GOOD and NICE to have
feature for a server. The problem is like I said before. NOT ALL SERVERS support
all the latest commands. NLST or the .ls method is one of those commands. USE
the .DIR method or .DirAsync and then you will be happyfied. You said, you tried
my suggestions, does that mean you tried the .dir method?


Rafal Platek wrote:

> Hi,
> Davie tried to help me with the NLST problem and I've tried his suggestions.
> I'm sorry to say that resuming works! What can I do then with that server
> that doesn't support NLST ?
> Regards,
> Rafal
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