[twsocket] FTP Put over WebRamp hangs (second post)

Marc Charbonneau marc.charbonneau@prepar.com
Fri, 09 Jun 2000 12:34:56 -0400

> You asked for recommendation? I guess I shouldn't say this in ICS list but
> Brainpatchwork LLC (www.dxsock.com), will soon launch DXInternet client
> which will have source code not only in delphi but also in C++ and kylix.
> They claim it as the fastest suite in any Operating system. I do not want
> advertise but if their claims are true (which I believe looking at their
> current server suite) then ICS is going to have a lot to learn from it.

They also claims that HttpServ from ICS cant be mesured for performance
because it just keeps crashing.

If they can't make HttpServ work, I can't see how they can make components
that don't crash :c)

I think they need to learn how to write event-driven code.

Or it's just another false advertisement for there product.

That's my $0.04 Canadien (US $0.02)