[twsocket] FTPClient - How to trap 10054 errors

Bob Murdoch ram5@erols.com
Fri, 09 Jun 2000 09:29:46 -0400

I seem to be having a problem trapping 10054 errors in my ftp client.  I am 
able to process other winsock errors via the OnRequestDone event, but this 
one never makes it.  It also is not called via the OnBgException 
either.  The following is a log of the error:

========== Downloading 'snprds.na.xrds449.ohygsc(0)' ==========
           < 220-B1FTPD1 IBM FTP CS V2R7 at SABRESP, 13:07:58 on 2000-06-09.
           < 220 Connection will close if idle for more than 5 minutes.
           > USER flhgrm
           < 331 Send password please.
           > PASS ****
           < 230 FLHGRM is logged on.  Working directory is "FLHGRM.".
           > TYPE A
           < 200 Representation type is Ascii NonPrint
           > PORT 180,10,1,73,6,82
           < 200 Port request OK.
           > RETR 'snprds.na.xrds449.ohygsc(0)'
           < 125 Sending data set SNPRDS.NA.XRDS449.OHYGSC.G0484V00 FIXrecfm 80
           ! Data: Receive error 10054

At this point, the program just hangs there (not really hangs, but doesn't 
do anything else), because it hasn't been told the previous request has 
finished - I use OnRequestDone to start the next transfer or end the session.

Obviously this is an ongoing problem with the FTP server, but the clients 
need to be able to handle the situation.  Any advice would be greatly 

Bob M..