[twsocket] FPC and ICS, forms, messaging.

Marco van de Voort marcov@stack.nl
Fri, 9 Jun 2000 00:17:57 +0100

I tried noform, and the only other remaining problem (except changing some
uses clauses) is messaging. 
To test the FPC Delphi compability I ifdef'ed out all methods having tmessage 
typed parameters, and I got md5,tncnx,wsockbuf,wsocket and wsockets to 
compile with FPC/win32. (other platforms don't seem possible without heavy

I don't exactly get what the message stuff does.  (I'm just starting windows 
programming, I do *nix and Go32v2 usually) 

It seems to be more like linux signals? 

If use tmessage can't be worked around, does anybody know free implementations, and/or is it 
hard to make yourself? (if I get it right, it is VCL, though heavily

>Hmm....It might be interesting to hear if someone gets ICS working
>or part of it working in Free Pascal.

Me too :-)  (though I originally start playing with it only to check how it does
telnet negotiation and to test Delphi sources. I even found a small bug in FPC)

Also we now only had mainly *nix socket examples. Evaluating a win32 one like
ICS, will ease creating networking classes for FPC. (which have to work on
all platforms with as little OS dependant code as possible, except maybe 
Go32v2 because of obvious reasons)

This doesn't mean that a win32 port of ICS undesirable though, specially 
because it is already quite complete, and almost een system in itself.

(p.s. I'm on digest. If something important comes up, or you just want to speed
up the msg exchange, feel free to CC me)

Marco van de Voort (MarcoV@Stack.nl or marco@freepascal.org)