[twsocket] GUI Design.

Jon Robertson touri@pobox.com
Thu, 8 Jun 2000 11:39:32 -0500

Francois, I'm apologizing now for this post.  You have asked us a dozen
times to allow you to moderate.  But this has been going on and on   and
on...  And I haven't posted much noise so perhaps I'm due!  :)


>> OK. The point is this is a pure ICS program and if it ever
>> becomes successful, it will demonstrate the power of ICS.

Do you think you are the first one to release a FTP program that uses
ICS?  Please...

Even worse, you think a FTP program demonstrates the power of ICS?
Trust me, there are much bigger things being done with ICS.

Plus, it looks to me like a rip off of WS-FTP (if you really wanted an

> But for now discussions about your program bugs can be
> put on some other list

This list is to discuss ICS.  Questions about how to use ICS, problems
using ICS, suspected bugs in ICS.  Etc.  NOT for discussing your app or
anyone else's app.  I'm getting tired of seeing over half the messages
on this list talking about your FTP client.

Now don't get me wrong.  I have an ICS app and I've posted messages
saying "Hey, I've got this app I wrote if anyone is interested."  And
then I created a mailing list so those who were interested could discuss
it there.

> The point is that this is a pure VCL program with the
> FTP done by ICS and if it ever becomes successful,
> it will ........ be nice for you.

> At least, that's what I think. (Don't you aggree Jon?)

Well said.  At least, almost.  No program is a pure anything program.
:)  An ICS program uses the VCL which uses the Win32 API which uses BIOS
code which uses hardware interrupts etc etc etc...

Ok,  That's the last I'll say about it.


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