[twsocket] Controlling and sending files over the same socket

Marc Charbonneau marc.charbonneau@prepar.com
Wed, 07 Jun 2000 14:30:04 -0400

Hi everybody,
                    I made a client/server prog using TWSocket to talk to
each other. I use it in LineMode to send messages from client to server and
the other way around. At some point, I have to transfer a file to the
server. I know I could use an FTP socket to do that but, I was wondering if
I couldn't just change the mode of the socket and then send the file thru
it. After which, I would return to LineMode.

Is this possible ?

If yes, what should I be worried about ?

If anybody has an exemple, I would appreciate it.

Thank you all for your kind advises :c)