[twsocket] a question for the mailing list about FileSize in httpCli + Proxy

Raptor G g_ates@hotmail.com
Tue, 06 Jun 2000 00:38:51 EEST


As far as I could understand from the subject line, he's talking about http 
not ftp. Is there a list method in HTTP? At least, there was not one in HTTP 
1.0. I don't know if they have added one to HTTP 1.1.



From: Davie <smatters@smatters.com>
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To: twsocket@elists.org
Subject: Re: [twsocket] a question for the mailing list about FileSize in 
httpCli + Proxy
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 16:26:11 -0500

Get the FILESIZE FIRST before doing the download and then you will KNOW
the percentage completion. There is NO COMPLETE standard for the format
comming back from the raw directory listing method, HOWEVER about 90% of
the world uses the UNIX -A or UNIX-B or DOS/WINDOWS formats. I have a
unit that will take a raw dir listing and break it apart into a list of

If you are interested, go to my web site


P.S. You will also see a link to my TurboView program which has FTP
built into it. It's all done with ICS stuff, so if you can get MY
program to do something, then you know YOU can do it too!


ltmoonhawk wrote:

 > hi, i was wondering how do i know the percentage i've already
 > downloaded if i only know the amount of kb downloaded and not the
 > entire filesize ? i realy need an answer :) also - i tried the proxy
 > option, but for some reason it didnt connect at all (proxy address and
 > port were OK), this was done on a big hi-tech company's computer,
 > could it be a bug ? (cant figure out what i could have done to cause a
 > bug) thnx      lior

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