[twsocket] FTP Status/Error Codes?

Davie smatters@smatters.com
Sun, 04 Jun 2000 13:49:13 -0500

"MY" understanding of the FTP protocol (which is minimal) is that you are
NOT guaranteed that the code numbers will be the same across ALL servers.
And the error message text will not necessarily be the same either. BUT WHAT
WILL be the same is the error result GROUP. There are

So, if you got an error-code that was of a 500 level, then you know you got
an error. Let's pretend that 510 meant couldn't log in and 520 meant invalid
password. And let's say that you wrote a "CHEAP" FTP server and decided that
no matter what error happened upon trying to log in, you replied with a 510.
That would not be considered illegal. HOWEVER, it may be confusing you the
client if you wrote the client to SPECIFICALLY LOOK for the 520 to come

Sort of get my idea?


Robert Barr wrote:

> Hi,
> Are the FTP status/error codes (ie. CWD 250, etc..) constant across
> servers? I know there are several FTPCli defined in the source that I've
> found. Just want to make sure 530 is truly 'Login incorrect' across all
> flavors of servers. Error >10000 are Winsock error, correct?
> TIA,
> Robert
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