[twsocket] WG: Problem with NAWS and ASCII Zero Char

Wilfried Mestdagh wilfried_sonal@compuserve.com
Sun, 4 Jun 2000 13:28:52 +0200


> > > --> IAC SB NAWS 0 80 0 24 IAC SE
> > > The Socket.Send(@Buf[1], Length(Buf)) takes the string and
> puts it into
> > > the Socket Buffer for sending. Your socket buffer is handled a PChar
> > > where I found that my data gets lost after char(0) or #0. As

You have probably see this with the delphi debugger. It will display
contents of PChar until first #0. To check out what is sended/received you
can download SocketSpy from user made page. Sinds you send binary data you
can set it to DEBUGSTRING then the data streams are displayed in hex-ascii.

rgds, Wilfried