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Raptor G g_ates@hotmail.com
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 19:05:04 EEST

First of all, thanks a LOT for the feedback. But don't forget I am a college 
student studying computer science, and last month I couldn't spend any time 
on FTP++2 and It's still in alpha.

Now some answers,
1) You are right.
2) I will check this out. I guess this one and the dominet one occured 
because of timing out during connection.
3) You are right.
4) look at 2.
5) You are right.
6) I guess I should say "Throughput", right?
7) It is actually writing wrong message. will be corrected.
8) I will make it more like IE as soon as I find time.
9) This is forgotten.
10)I will use the code you have provided for this.
11)I worked on this a month ago and at that time I couldn't find a way to do 
the job. Any help appreciated.
12)Don't bother it. That link will be deleted absolutely.
13)I have a link implementation and will be porting it.
14)This is a bug, will be fixed.
15)Public.ini is for sharing (for anonymous sites) and private.ini is for 
passworded sites. By this way you will be share public sites securely. NOT A 
16)This is to be fixed.
17)Modes ARE NOT IMPLEMENTED at ALPHA. It always transfers in ASCII.



Ok, you wanted feedback, here is my feedback. The layout looks familiar
to other FTP type programs.

1. kEEP THE temp files created in the Windows\Temp folder.Typically a
user will
put his TEMP folder onto a drive that is very fast. Also if your program
delete it's own temp files, then you end up with files that are not
taking up space, where-as the user always knows he can clean out old
files in
the temp folder.

2. I clicked, connect, and then picked geocites and then clicked connect
then after a little bit it said ready but NO TREE was displayed. So I
the "ReFRESH" button and then it came up and said "HostDirName" empty
and then
the program bombed straight out :(

3. All forms appear to have an UGLY scroll bars at side and bottom. WHY
THAT??? I am sending screen shot of what I am saying! In fact, I
stretched out
the window thinking the scroll bars would go away and they didn't. So
you can
see the 2 screen shots.

4. I connect to DOMINET and then click connect and then after a few
seconds it
says "FTP COMponent not connected"  :(

5. When you click on a folder to on the FTP side, you should display an
HOUR-GLASS while you are getting the new folder info, and you SHOULD NOT
the window, UNTIL the new data has arrived!

6. THRUPUT is not a word (in your download window)

7. WHen your transfer starts, it wastes time getting the directory tree
info. There is NO NEED for that!

8. When the transfer is DONE, the download window STAYS on the screen.
Very annoying.

9. When downloading and a file already exists, there is no option to
SKIP the download!!! VERY BAD!

10. It would be much nicer if each download window appeared at the
bottom of your taskbar so you could see the completeion status of each
file you are downloading!

11. Your abort button doesn't abort current command in process, it
disconnects you and then it blows up from there and bombs you out of the

12. Connect to BasKent and then go to this folder "/pub/solaris" and you
will see that NO INFO is display in the dir listing. Thus since it's
blank, you are kind of screwed as far as clicking on the "." and ".."
icons :(

13. UNIX entries that are "LINKED" folders do NOT appear in your
folders/files list window. Do you ignore them???? That is bad, because
maybe someone told a guy to go to a SPECIFIC path and then with your
program he wouldn't be able to SEEEE it!

14.  If you click on your "UP" button and you are ALREADY at the top,
then you blow up.

15. No need to have 2 seperate files PUBLIC.INI and PRIVATE.INI, you can
keep the data all in one INI file.

16. You should NOT have the passwords in the INI file available in a
READABLE FORMAT!!!!!! I can see all the passwords :)

17. Your ASCII/BINARY/AUTO mode doesn't work right. It always seems to
be in AUTO mode. I clicked on BINARY and transferred a text file and it
ADDED the CR/LF stuff even though the source file just had linefeeds
(unix type of text).

I am tired for now.... :(

If y9ou want to see the screen shots I told you about, just let me know.


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