[twsocket] My Utilities UPDATED

Jon Robertson touri@pobox.com
Wed, 31 May 2000 23:18:09 -0500

> I am not familiar with Borland's C++ stuff, if I read you right, you
> are saying that the "C" can compile "Pascal" source files as well?

Yes, that is correct.  It can compile whatever version of Object Pascal
the equivalent version of Delphi can compile.  For example, BCB4 can
compile D4 and below code.

> How is that possible?

Borland made it possible!  :)

> Because my pascal source might refer to some functions like IntToStr
> are pascal functions that get linked in. Does that mean the the "C"
> compiler ALSO has the runtime stuff to link in so that it all works?

BCB comes with the Delphi Run-Time Library and the VCL, both in compiled
form.  If you get BCB Pro or Client/Server, then you also get source to
the RTL and VCL.

Raptor G needed to use your source with BCB.  If he'd take a look at
ICS, he'd notice that it is all Pascal.  Not a drop of C++ code.  And
he's already using it in BCB.